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Property Grades
There are 2 types of properties Deluxe and Standard. Booking procedures vary depending on property type.
Enjoy a wonderful time in a room with exclusive interiors.
Enjoy nature together with the warmth of their wooden interiors. Many are log houses.
All cottages are non-smoking
All properties maintain a strict “NO SMOKING POLICY” within the buildings. Any person or party not adhering to this policy will be charged any necessary cleaning expenses or the guest may be evicted from the property without a refund for any days remaining.
Some of properties allow pet stays.
Please refer to each individual property page to check applicable properties. Up to two indoor dogs or cats stay with you per property. The surcharge for a pet is 3,300 yen per night.
Inside the property, pets are allowed only in the entrance and the living room. They are not allowed in other rooms such as bedroom(s), and bathroom(s).
Please note in the event your pets have messed or damaged the property, you may be charged for cleaning and repair costs.
Property Damage
If any damage to our properties is caused intentionally or through negligence, we shall have the right to request compensation in full or in part for the damage.
Accommodation prices vary depending on the season, the day of the week, the number of guests and property you choose. Please check our season calendar.

Even if you do not stay overnight, you will be charged if you use the property and thus advised to inform us in advance. Accommodation prices are free for under 6 / pre-school children ( no bedding is available), so please let us know at the time of booking.

Due to the Kutchan town’s regulation, accommodation taxes will be due to the guests who stay in accommodations in Kutchan town from November 1st, 2019.
The accommodation taxes are 2 % of the accommodation fees. The accommodation taxes will be collected by the Management Company.
The accommodation fees on this site do not include accommodation taxes. Please understand in advance that accommodation taxes will be charged in addition to accommodation fees.
The details of the accommodation taxes can be seen on the Kutchan town’s homepage.
FAQ for Accommodation Tax
Booking ●Standard Booking
Less than 8-night stay bookings are accepted from the 1st day of the month three months prior to occupancy. For occupancy during New Year holidays, however, bookings are accepted from the 1st of the month four months prior to the occupancy.For stays up to 7 nights online bookings are accepted.
For stays of 8 or more nights, please contact or call us.
●Advance Booking
*Advance Booking is not available for the time being.
Further inquiries
 +81 136 23 3301
Payment ●Standard Booking
Accommodation prices shall be paid when you check in.
●Online Booking
Please pay accommodation prices in full by online payment (PayPal) when you make a booking.
●Standard Booking
Starting 28 days prior to the day of occupancy, the following cancellation fees apply. Also, amendments to your booking will be considered as cancellation from seven days prior to the day of occupancy and the following cancellation fees apply. Any charges involved with arranging the refund will be bourne by the guest and deducted from the refund amount sent.
●Cancellation charge

Acceptance of change Cancellation fees
28-15 days prior to the occupancy 10%
14-2 days prior to the occupancy 30%
The day before the occupancy 50%
The day of the occupancy or no show 100%

●Amendment charge

Acceptance of change Amendment charge
7 days prior to the occupancy 10%
01 Check-in
Check-in time is 15:00. Check-in procedures are performed at the Izumikyo Management Center. The center closes at 21:00. Please inform us in advance if you will check in later than 21:00.
Front Desk
The Management Center functions as the front desk. It is open from 8:00 to 21:00 and handles check-in and check-out procedures, rentals, reservations for various activities and tennis courts, courier service parcel acceptance, discount selling of Onsen tickets and so forth.
02 Before going into your property
After the check-in procedures are completed, the key to your property, a map showing how to get the property, and garbage bags will be given. You can drive to the property.
During your stay in a property
Once you finish carrying your luggage into your property, then your villa life in Niseko starts. Properties are equipped with fixtures necessary for your stay, including kitchen appliances. Please feel free to use them. Some rental goods are available at the front desk. For details, please check the information in the property.
We separate trash in several types as part of our environmental conservation activities. We would like to ask for your cooperation with trash separation during your stay.
 We have following items available in our accommodation

Electric Appliances

Refrigerator, Microwave oven, Rice cooker, TV, DVD player, Hair drier


Beds or Japanese bedding set, pillows & Full linen

Bathroom Amenities

Bath towel, Face towel, Bath mat, Tooth brushes, Hairbrushes, Razors, Cotton kits (cotton pads, cotton swaps), Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Body soap, Hand soap

Kitchenware and Tableware

Pots and Pans
Double-handed pots, Single-handed pots, Cray pot or iron pot, Frying pans
Cooking Utensils
Knives, Cutting boards, Bowls, Strainers, Measuring cups, Rice paddles, Sauce ladles, Spatulas, Cooking chopsticks, Can opener, Radish grater, Bottle opener, Wine opener, Fruit knife, Kitchen Scissors, Coffee dripper or Coffee maker
Large plates, Small plates, Small bowls, Rice bowls, Soup bowls, Large rice balls, Glasses, Cups, Chopsticks, Spoons, Forks, China spoons
Dishcloth, Kitchen detergent, Kitchen sponge

※Each property is equipped for self-catering based on guest capacity.
※Not included : cooking seasonings and spices.

03 Check-out
Check-out time is 10:00.
The management center is open from 8:00AM. Please inform us in advance if you will check out earlier than 8:00AM. Checkout time can be extended for one hour, if you want to stay in the property longer (separately charged). Please also inform us in advance.

All property keys must be returned to the management center at time of check-out.
Luggage forwarding
In case you ship your luggage to us, please enter the name of the representative person who applied for accommodation, the day of occupancy and the property name in the address label and send it to our center.

Izumikyo Management Center
Niseko Hirafu 5-jo 4-chome 1-25, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0086
phone +81 136 23 3301

When you leave for home, it is also possible to send your luggage to your home. Please feel free to drop by at the Management Center.