Relax and enjoy true Japanese traditional culture in one of Niseko’s many natural hotsprings.
There are numerous ONSEN facilities around the Niseko Izumikyo area.
The nearest Onsen is approximately 5 minutes away.
1 Yukichichibu
The men’s and women’s baths together come to a total of 11 differently shaped outdoor hot spring baths to be enjoyed.
700 yen
2 Goshiki Onsen
All-wooden, rustic building and facilities; This onsen located in a peaceful and secluded spot. There are a homely and old-country feel to it. This onsen water has many chemicals which help to soothe the skin and relax the muscles. Two different baths can be accessed with one ticket.
800 yen
3 Kanronomori
Kanronomori is all about enjoying yourselves and becoming at one with Nature, leaving the stress of daily life behind you, the ‘Mori no Tenku Buro’ is the epitomy of indulgence and is the ultimate way to relax and unwind.
900 yen
4 Iroha
There are bed baths and sauna too to help refresh a tired body. There are chairs for the bath to make bathing easier and safer for small children and elderly people.
800 yen
5 Hilton Niseko
There are a large indoor bath and a wide outdoor bath next to a pond with stunning views of Mt. Yotei. This onsen is known for long lasting warmth effect on the body after bathing. If you have lunch or dinner at the hotel, you can use this onsen for free.
1,200 yen
6 Niseko Alpen
This onsen facility is equipped with sauna, and both indoor and outdoor onsen baths. The hot spring water includes sodium and magnesium and is effective for relieving fatigue and muscle pain. The hot spring will rejuvenate your body after exhausting outdoor activities.
700 yen
7 Hirafu-tei
The carbon dioxide gas in the hot spring water sinks into your skin and improves the circulation of the blood. That is, the hot spring water is a great stress reliever.
1,200 yen
8 Grand Hotel
This hotel has a open-air bath of mixed bathing, you can happily bathing in the family or group.
900 yen
9 Yugokoro-tei
Soaking in natural hot springs help the body relieve itself from aches and pains.
1,000 yen
10 Yusenkaku
This public onsen has fantastic quality water, which is said to be very good for the skin. This onsen is always popular with locals and visitors alike.
11 Kiranoyu
Please relax in KIRANOYU Onsen. This onsen have indoor and outdoor hot spring baths for men and women.
NOTE) The fees are for day bathing for adults and as of October 2020.