Located in the Kabayama area just a minute or so out of central Hirafu by car. This spacious house has a kitchen-dining area , a living room and bathroom facilities on the ground floor. On the upper floor the property can sleep 6 guests using beds. In winter, the Hirafu and Hanazono bus shuttles do not stop around this property so using your own vehicle is recommended to enjoy a stay here.)
  • Appearance
Capacity : 4 to 6 people
Washing machine : available
Smoking : not available
Air conditioner : available
Pets : not available
Wifi : available
 Availability Calendar(PC friendly) | You can check the availability of the property .
  Seasonal Accommodation Prices  
* 10% consumption tax is included
* the accommodation tax is charged separately
Season Calendar
Fees vary depending on the season and time of year. Please refer to the calendar to see which fee applies to your desired date.
  4 people 5 people 6 people
32,560 yen 36,520 yen 40,480 yen
39,160 yen 43,120 yen 47,080 yen
43,120 yen 47,630 yen 52,140 yen
38,060 yen 42,570 yen 47,080 yen
45,760 yen 50,270 yen 54,780 yen
50,380 yen 55,440 yen 60,500 yen