Bistro Re Arbor

Bistro Re Arbor
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“Bistro Re Arbor” is a restaurant in the Izumikyo area.
This bistro where you can enjoy dishes made with local Niseko and Hokkaido ingredients. Please feel free to stop by and visit us.
* Click here for November holidays.

Lunch(11:00 - 15:00 *14:30 last order)

 Oneplate Lunch
Select a main dish with soup, salad and side dish. Plus rice or bread.
*This lunch comes with a coffee, tea or an ice cream
 Spaghetti and Pizza
Choose the one you like spaghetti or pizza with soup and salad.
*This lunch comes with a coffee, tea or an ice cream
Dinner(17:00 - 21:00 *20:30 last order)
We are starting a free shuttle service.
We offer a complimentary shuttle service for dinner guests who make a reservation in advance.
If you wish to use the service, please make a reservation by 8:30 PM three days prior to the date of your meal, by calling us at 0136-55-6603.

*Important Points*
+ The free shuttle service is limited to customers with dinner starting between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM.
+ Only two groups are eligible for the service per day.
+ The maximum group size for the shuttle service is six people.
+ The available shuttle areas are as follows
1)Within Kutchan Town
2)Niseko Hirafu Area
3)Niseko Hanazono Area
4)Hotels within Niseko Village Area

 Premium Potato Dishes

This dish uses the premium “540” potatoes from the local Kutchan potatoes, which are not available for general purchase.
We hope you will enjoy the never-before-experienced taste of potatoes that have been carefully aged for 540 days.
980 yen

French fries of 540 with truffle salt

980 yen

Fritto of 540 with mimolette cheese

 Appetizer and Salad
First of all, would you like appetizer or salad ? We prepare many menus which made using vegetables of Niseko or Hokkaido.
580 yen

Green soybeans

880 yen

Sweet shrimp bruschetta

715 yen

Whole Tomato salad

1,650 yen

Smoke salmon salad

 Meat Dish
Would you like to eat meat dishes ? You are going to love our chef’s various menus.
880 yen

Deep fried Hokkaido chicken

2,530 yen

Lam with horseradish and soy sauce

1,430 yen

Roasted Rusutsu pork

3,200 yen

Tokachi Saibi Beef rib grill

 Seafood Dish
Seafood is the usual companion of Hokkaido. Enjoy various seafood menu.
1,320 yen

Simmered octopus

1,430 yen

Hokkaido whelk escargot style

1,320 yen

Grilled scallops with basil sauce

1,650 yen

Sauteed Trout

We prepare spaghetti or pizza also in dinner time. We have many variety menu except for folllowing. If you have any food allergies, please let us know.
1,320 yen

Butter chicken curry

1,650 yen


1,430 yen


1,760 yen

Quattro formaggi

*Menu or prices are subject to change without notice.