Privacy Policy

Izumikyo Company Limited (refer to Company) will assure the proper handling of our customers’ personal information (name, address, birth date, occupation, telephone number, E-mail address, etc. (refer to Personal Information)) by the following directions set forth based on laws and regulations regarding the personal information protection as well as other standards.

 Acquiring, Utilizing and Providing Personal Information
Company shall acquire Personal Information with proper methods and utilize it for the purposes defined by Company. Moreover, Company shall not present and provide Personal Information to any third party without customer’s consent. However, in the event that the supply of Personal Information is required by laws, court orders and police investigation, Company may provide Personal Information without customer’s agreement.

 Usage of Private Information and Personal Date
Company  shall utilize the acquired Personal Information and the archived personal data for the purpose of providing the services and the goods related to the following business tasks, including the statistical analyses and work execution to improve our services.
1. Real Estate Development and Sale
2. Representation and Mediation of Real Estate Business Transaction
3. Representation and Mediation of Business Transaction related to Leasing Property
4. Contracted Operation of Lodging Facility (Rental Property)
5. Contracted Property Management
6. Representation and Mediation of Damage Insurance
7. Contracted Work, Property Repair, Landscaping, Snow Removal and its Related Work
8. Business Activities by Postal Items, E-mails and Telephone Calls for executing above tasks

 Usage of Personal Informtion, Sharing and Consigning with Third Party
Company shall utilize Personal Information within the range defined in the previous section. Moreover, Company shall ensure the proper management and usage of Personal Information even in the event that sharing and handling are consigned to a third party.
 Safe Storage of Private Information
Company shall make an effort for correctness, security and concurrency of the acquired Personal Information and implement the security measures in order to prevent illegal access, loss, falsification, leakage of Personal Information.
 Disclosure, Modification, Usage Suspension and Deletion of private Information
Company shall respond to the request from our customer to provide, change, suspend or delete Personal Information and properly act on our customer behalf.
 Review and Improvement on Privacy Policy
Company shall periodically review and improve the safe handling and storage of Personal Information.
 Private Information available at Links used in this Site
Company shall not be responsible for the protection of any personal information located in the sites which have the link access to our site.

Revised on December, 2012

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